the writings of Michael M. Hall
'...the transition from idea to ink, from mind to paper via words... what is the power inherent  and is its cause a source found somewhere in the far distant galaxies...? '

Write Out of My Mind !


What we don't realize
   is that we have the capability to do great things.

What is occurring is that we are so busy trying to be what we are not, that we sabotage that capability.

   We are distracted.
   We are disrupted by interference from other people.
   We are confused.
   We are scared.
   We are hit by calamity and setbacks and accidents or misfortune.
   We trust what other people say instead of finding out on our own, what is true.
   We try to impress other people.
   We try to live up to other people's expectations instead of our own.
   We work for other people rather than for ourselves, and our dreams.   
   We expect other people to be responsible for our lives and the results in our lives.

How do we get it back?

Start by being totally responsible for yourself and your actions.
Be who and what you are and not what anyone else wants you to be.
And don't let anyone take that away from you. 

         Be Prepared for the Worst and Work for a Dream for one puts you on Earth and the
         other puts you at the pinnacle of the Universe.

Enjoy the journey !

- - - - -

  What role are you playing in life?
  Is it determined by you or someone else ?

- - - - - - - -


Life should be a journey
  not a race...

- - - - - - -

The ultimate challenge
is to find a way to do the
things you want to do
despite the current affairs,
the economy or the negative opinions
and actions of others...

- - - - - - --

The limits you have in life
are often times
the ones that you place
on yourself.

- - - - - - -

Let life show you what you
  need to know
Then Listen!

- - - - - - -

the un ending pursuit of improvement,
in all areas of your life
is the pursuit of excellence

- - - - - -

It is our differences
   that get us into trouble
It is our similarities
   that get us out...

- - - - - - - -

People are positive
  or negative associates...
But nonetheless
   your associates...

- - - - -

It is not
that he has a gentle
way with people,
It is that he has
a gentle way
with all things...

- - - - - - - -

at times,
seems to be
nothing more
than one long constant
conversation with myself....

- - -  - -

You are wedded to life
for better or worse...


Without being disturbed...
When I am Alone...
I can feel what i want to feel
with all the power of concentration
that I desire
With all my heart and soul
I can feel whatever I choose
Lord Knows
how i would like to do that
and every moment
of my life....


If I Could..

If I could be your pillow
so you can rest your head
I would...

If I could be the quilt
that keeps you warm
I would...

If I could be a soft bed of feathers
that softly comforts you
I would...

Even though I cannot do these things
I can Imagine them...
I can always hope...
I can always pray...

I can keep you always in mind...
I can always keep you in my heart...
I can always in Spirit hold your hand

and help rest your head on my shoulder.

Even though I cannot do some things,
and can do others,
I shall do what I can
and continue to pray
so that I can do more.

- - - - - - -

My Lord

Do not feel deprived
   of my presence
I have been thankful
   many times
for my existence....

I chose this path
   thru my own choice
I make no call to arms
   for conflict is not my way

For if ever the time shall come
   that our paths do cross
I shall have a story or two to share
    along with the delightment I will feel
That you thougnt enough
    to choose a road
that would come
    my way...

- - - - - -

Make sure your reactions are
a result of your thinking
and that your thinking
is not
a result of your reactions...


I don't feel
I'm meant
to be married,
my life is dedicated
to so much more than that
but whatever love that
I receive in the enduring process
I shall be most thankful for...


Quiet Wonder

I sit and stare for hours on end beneath your protection.  You don't talk back and are quiet while my mind floats from thought to thought.  You are the supreme stoic...asking nothing, giving much, not ever trying to be in anyone's way.  So constant are you that you are taken for granted.  Not one talks to you, not that you would have anything to say... I can touch you and feel you and somehow I know you can feel me.  Is it not true?  If you could talk, I wonder what you would say? You have your silent beautiful ways.  And if... we would just learn from  you we might be wiser for there is much to say about your simple ways once they have been noticed.  I have noticed.  And this is for you.  Be my friend in moments of solitude and I shall be thankful forever.  You are silent and strong and giving; you will be my own.  You will share my secrets. You will by my very own... Quiet Wonder...

- - - - - - -

The forces flow together
seen, unseen and between
in a natural ballet
a symphony of blue and green

the forces flow together
the seen, unseen and between
a natural ballet of elegance
in a symphony of blue and green...

My constant

Ive built no idols, no halls, no places of worship.
Ive projected no images of gods that may not even be there.
Instead I have slipped my hands into your reality.  Through the day
and through the night, you have always been there.  To worship you
have only been to stand by your side. The commandments you hold
are easitly taught.

You have been loved, feared, hated, criticized - but also constant.
Your dependability has never been questions.  You have soaked up
the thinking of many wise men and have many times been
their cause of thought.  You have motioned, mothered, consoled and taught. 
Until death takes me into its own, I shall worship you forever... The Ever Constant Sea.

- - - - - -

As this pebble is thrown,
so shall I dedicate my life,
to the sea...

- - - - - - - -

I go to the Ocean
not for what I see
but for what I don't see

- - - - - -

true surfers
go to the Ocean
to get away from
the involvement
on shore...

- - - - -

Visual Beauty
only lasts for so long
whether it is a face, a rain splattered leaf
a bird in flight, the all out effort of an athelete
or even a typical sunset.  It is this beauty that
we seek to capture so we can all look at it
for long periods of time and to feel again and again
what we felt when we saw it for the first time...

- - - - - - - - - - -


It was given unto me a sword.

   It was to defeat evil and protect the innocent. I looked down at the sword I held; it was iron and black with rust and corruption, I could not lift it for it was so heavy and long had it stood at my side and it had grown roots into the Earth and became as granite of deep mountains.

   I as one suddenly awakened, and wondered how this had happened; when last I had thought it was so strong and sharp and could cleave the marrow from bone. Now it sunk into deep dark caves and lifeless abysses that could not be found out. But as my eyes but lifted to see the land and search the heavens and find those precious souls entrusted to my care and protection, then not light, but from a scape of grey the utter blackness had both descended and risen from beneath my feet that had long since become cold, heavy and decending into that dark airless pit.

   Fully blinded in utter loss of light, there my feet became the dard stone
onto which I stood. Still as one utterly lost and sorely beyond grief I remembered that I yet found my hand fully grasping with all the strength left in the shattered bones and shredded sinews... there were no tears of grief or howls of pain... only a silence so loud it shattered my ears. I knew that with each heartbeat the course of blood through this disabled body was lost to a small rivulet that pooled and seeped through cracks in the rock of my entombment, there stirred within a memory, quick and electrifying, the smell of the blood, the sweetness of each drop as it lefy my body, the memory stirring quickend the wick of the lamp that had the light of my soul and in an instant the spark, long since extinguised through neglect and disuse combusted on to my soul as the instant explosion of a star as it gives birth to a universe of suns. The loss of blood that life and light elixir and the fire of the birth of the Son burst into that lightless lifeless dwelling of death and fear, searinng the wounds, filling the eyes with light, the dark of death flew away and in the stead of life, banished with a single spark, for there is no darkness where there is light.

   I lifted my eyes and opened them to see before and after me only light so full, so loud with laughter, the light perfused through every vessel and atom of atmosphere, it held, sustained and satisfied every being in the universe at one moment...

   And the symbol rang out with a thunderous clap. All was still in deep contentment and fullness. I saw my hand and fully clasped in newness of skin and bones, a staff with my name written upon it; now as a guide instead of an instrument of destruction....

Is This It?

    --Pamela Hall


The most Godlike people on Earth,
Are those that care

- - - - - - - -

In no better atmosphere than silence
Can a man think the best
In no better way than solitude
Can a man feel those feelings
That are meant to be felt alone.

And in no better way
can two or more men
Extend their deepest
and most sincere feelings
than the silent written word
which is put down best
and thought about best
when one is alone.

- - - - - - - -

We go through the world
And whether we trade
Views, or companionship, or good times or bad
And goods and services and the mediums of trade
in doing so, we also give a little bit of ourselves
and in giving make the world a better and more interesting place to live,


People who are successful have results, not excuses


There are those that:

Are waiting to be told what to do
Don't have a clue as to what to do
Know what to do

Which One are You?

Never forget the power of Good


I only assume one thing  and that is that other people are smarter than me.  Then I just
Sit back and see if they prove me wrong


Have faith and ask a lot of questions 

Work should be a creative activity
With the goal of reaching maximum

Information is a mirror
And in many ways is similar
To the strings of a puppet
In that it influences and
Controls us

We in turn
Influence our lives by our use of
And interpretation of

As the spirit grows
You are able to do more
As you are able to do more
The spirit grows

Many of our problems
Are because we have
Broken out of
Our evolutionary cycle.
Our civilization is contra evolutionary
And contra nature and that causese abnormality in
The scheme of things


To live a life of adventure
Do a little something out of the ordinary
Break you routine
Take a little chance
Exercise a little courage


Spirit is not so much a force
as it is
the ongoing living relationship
among all things
in the Universe
which never passes away...

Follow your dream for
it is Guidance Divine


A Dream is your Heart
Telling Your Head
What to do.

In the evening
I dream
of where
I want to be
During the day
I work
to get there

In our explorations, are we not exploring ourselves?  For what lies in front of us is also a part of the inner paths, that lead to our curiosity and wonder for what we see and where we are what we explore outside of ourselves is just a reflection of the exploration that we are experiencing whitin

Once we have figured out the
Philosophy of the leaves, the mountains the sea
and the sky, the Earth the moon and the sky,
we will have found God.

Wish the Lord
Would pour through me
And clean out my soul

All roads should lead to kindness
But they don't
For this world
Is in a state of flux
With a combination of
Fear, greed confusion and ignorance

I fully realize
what ambition will do.
I also realize
what utter futility there is in it.
All ambition should be humble
and all things learned and earned
should be passed on...

Initiative is willpower at work...

To Give, to take, to learn and to teach
to experience, accomplish and enjoy...

To improve my situation and that of
my family, my friends and associates
With no harmful intentions towards
anyone or anything at anytime.

To engineer my life so as to live it well.
To become a progressive, constructive, evolving element
in the Universe.

To become all that I am capable of being
while I am alive
In this Journey of Consciousness...

The first rule: Always Take it Easy on Yourself...

Great accomplishments
Come from great individuals
with great ideas....

The speed at which you reach your goal
depends on how effectively
you use your time...

Be able to think in terms of abstracts
in order to put your imagination and intellect to work...

X is the human denominator - the ability to
understand how all the variables effect each other
in a particular relationship...

The mind is the tool of the soul...

People are positive or negative associates
but nonetheless
your associates....

Meet the Challenge

For it is life's interaction with you
that makes you stronger
and builds you up

It is meeting the challenge
that strengthens you
and gives you
the practice
necessary to succeed

Where you are now
and where you want to go
are based on the challenges
you select

Cause the effects
you desire..

Every day is a renewed opportunity
to improve
one's situation...

Day by day
Re-evaluate and question results
Learn constantly
Work for and build favorable situations
Prepare for and continue to grow
into whatever frame of mind
you are seeking...
Evaluate and learn from yesterday
plan and prepare for tomorrow
enjoy and experience today...

Planning and flexibility
are the keys
to effective control
We must learn to ride with the wind
rather than resist the forces that
surround us
With increased awareness
it is possible
to work out the future
before it arrives....

Life is a tool
to be used
with respect

The Mind...
which is nothing more than many possibilities existing at any one time, will only grow and move forward at the rate at which its awareness is increased and its capabilities, put to use. 
This awareness, of a number of possibilities, existing at one time, in a Universe of energy and matter,
is consciousness....

There are a few basic reasons
for doing things...
necessity, fear, hope, expectations and what of desire...?

And then there is courage...
The ability to move forward into the jaws of hardship.  To move into any situation without cowering, knowing you could be overly criticized, grossly mistaken, deemed foolish, be disruptive, be hurt or even killed.  Courage is Spirit in action.  True courage is the full release of the Spirit.  The ability to accept losing in order to win.  The courage to fail, the strength of intentions, the discipline of conviction...

You will have to make a stand,
win, lose or draw
in order to play life's game
with any degree of respect...

First Class is a reward you get for astute thinking,
good judgment,
well thought out, effective actions
exceptional results....

Measure and weigh
against the backdrop of life
Broaden and expand
your horizons
Learn from the
great master players
Beware of the limits
of the petty and the small
Lay plans that encompass
adventure, experience, achievement and joy
Take life to its limits...

If you don't make
the best of a situation
It will make
the best of you...

To Entertain Winning
You must also
Invite and Entertain Losing
and accept them both
and with respect

Success in life
Should not be measured so much by that
which is gathered
but rather by the situation in which we are found
and how successful we are
at changing or maintaining that situation...

Above the level
of subsistence
all values
are discretionary...

The Estate of Man
Moves ahead
At the rate at which
He shares, educates and cooperates
With his fellow man...

I stand and accept
the merits of the world
its laws, its limitations
and I shall always endeavor
to do
the best that I can...

the very wakingness that we sometimes loathe
lie the keys and the tools for life's successes.
The waking, rocking, emotional turmoil
that surrounds us - that gives us depression fear and loneliness
also is capable of
giving us courage, prosperity and happiness...

There is an inverted force
at work here
Before man can
move ahead
in the realm
of evolution
he must move ahead in science
usually probing his own
inner mind for answers.
This tends to make it easier
to move ahead
whithin mankinds
struggle for existance...
and this is an continual process..

Things of and by themselves
are nothing.
It is the relationship
of things, to one another,
and only that,
which holds importance....

It's not an adventure
until you challenge yourself

Engage your mind

management = coordination of assets towards a specific goal

you are the driving force
of your life and everything
that surrounds it,
it is up to you.... you must breathe life into it

make sure your vision is correct
then go ahead...

dont be afraid to eat a little crow

It's not so much how you see the world
as it is, how you see yourself....

zero discovery = getting rid of the assholes...

Psychology = the tools of the virtual world

Success with knowledge
is not so much what are the right answers
as it is
what are the right questions

" As It Is "

Your life tends to be what you are

Don't ever mistake
for ego

The mind may be limited
in understanding
but it is unlimited
in scope

There is a fine line

Instead of money
why can't we depend
on each other?

Love is the growth
of the universe
in animate form

on Limitations:

True strength is knowing your limitations
and over coming them. Or better yet, exceeding them...

It's both our talents
and our limitations
that get us where
we want to go
Our talents are our 'can do ' tools
and it is our limitations that we overcome
with those tools...

It's not only
our limitations
but the limits around you
that effect your success

Know your strengths
Know your limits

If the motivation is right, all else will follow

Proper Vision is an art.  If you are seeing correctly your actions should give you the results you expect.

Is it not unusual that our attention is drawn to that which is better... or to that which is beautiful...  Is not our own character influenced by this meeting?

Part IV

Waves breaking along the shore...

Always Seek the Perfect Wave

I have given you the best of my personal philosophies and a selection of my creative writings.  I have provided lessons and suggestions and ideas.  In all of this I have attempted to raise your level of awareness to help you live better and to enhance your life's experience. 

It's time.  It's now up to you.  Pick these tools, principles and ideas up and use them effectively and dynamically to make your life better. 

Set some objectives and goals, make some plans and pursue your personal dream.   There are many around you who are doing just that.  You have been inspired by artists, entertainers, industrialists, astute business people, scientists, athletes, and by many other people in many other walks of life.  Now it is your turn.  The only person, ultimately that you really have to inspire or be proud of, is yourself.

Each and everyday
In moments that you save
Take some time to reflect and dream
and to seek your perfect wave...

Figure out what your dream is and what it means to you.  Keep that 'perfect situation' in mind and with energy, integrity and a sense of adventure, go for it!  

MMHALL / Legacy Handbooks / 20
All it takes to 'connect' to
Infinite Intelligence
is to Believe !

that having been said...

... now where the heck did God put that dang faucet?????
Java Philosophy...

It is
early morning and as I rise...
my thoughts are on what I should really be doing...

with my knowledge of the Divine Spark and Divine Power, creativity and imagination, and any inherent ability to harness these characteristics, in the real world.

Should I be doing something incredibly creative and personal and selfish?

Should I be creating a situation that brings me wealth and prosperity?

Should I be doing both and helping all those around me do the same?

I sip my coffee and continue to ponder... late for my given daily appointments...

And in the time that I steal from myself, what I find as the answer... is a challenge...

to take that knowledge, that skill and that experience,
to take what we have been blessed with,  and take what we have been given,
and the God given powers we have,
and turn life, as much as possible, from what it is, into what we want it to be....

And I am again reminded, that time is not only precious, but Time is Life, and part of our journey and part of our challenge, is to learn to Use It Wisely...

Now where is that second cup of coffee...?

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