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I don't know the girl's name.  She walked down to the beach as I was shooting the sunset and I built up the courage to ask her to sit for the shot and she said ' sure'.  I do remember she was very pretty and I should have started a conversation, but I was new to the islands and was very shy.   But she has been captured forever, I am very grateful for her presence and she definately makes this picture what it is.  

' Mahalo '  to my mysterious island girl...

Hawaii 1970

the aging wood of these buildings along the beach, and their light paint started to reflect the color of sunset in California.  Somehow the life ring seemed to ' center '
the picture and add a central point.  Looking East at sunset, the colors were a rich orange and blue... an interesting combination of rich color, rough texture and off center composition...

the ' LifeRing '
California 1973
I woke up at 6:00 a.m. and walked out on the balcony to see this rising sun coming through the clouds.  Luckily I had some film and captured the simple composition of the dynamic filtered light of the sun under the palm leaves.

Hawaii 1969
Along the same lines, this shot is very static and graphic but captures the feeling of the palm trees at sunset. 
Simple, lots of lines and textures and backlighting and just enough curves to
give it some grace... 

Sunset Thourgh the Palms
Hawaii 1969
Sometimes the lighting right after sunset is the softest and the prettiest. 

I asked the boy to lean up against the tree to add the human element to the shot and it also made it a bit philosophical and thoughtful.

The picture is a bit old and the blues and oranges have faded, but still,  it has a nice relaxing, end-of- day effect on you ...  sigghh....

Hawaiian Boy at Sunset -- 1974
I've surfed here many times and the waves break close to a seawall on a filled in section of the shore.  Soft pastel colors on this one and the wave go together quite well.  Nice soft feeling...

Magic Island Wave -- 1975

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